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Project description

In maturing into the mobile space, the next task at hand was to decide what part of the web application we wanted to migrate first.

Ultimately, we went with engagement to align with both user requests and dev efforts. Users were wishing to check their social activity on the go. For development, it was more manageable to build out pre-existing engagement tools for mobile while charging into new sharing capabilities on the web.

Desktop: Engage Feature

Desktop: Engage Feature

User Validation

User Validation


Research / Wireframing

In the first phase of research, I referred to Apple’s Human Interface & Google’s Material Design Guidelines to understand the nuances between the iOS & Android experience.


Features & Iterations


Video replies


fan comments


ui explorations & Specs




It was extremely empowering to be able to bring a product from pixels into the hands and lives of a community I care deeply about: creative spirited individuals. Growing alongside this agile and collaborative team environment, creating this design process together, enabled me to see first-hand what kind of impression a small but mighty group of people can inspire in another community.