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June 17, 2017

Advice for Uber from Branson, Cuban & Others

Richard Branson:
Recognize when to delegate. "An entrepreneur is not a good manager of people. He should have realized that long ago, and done what he was good at."

Chris Sacca: Know when to ask for help

Arianna Huffington: Understand when to take a break
burnout is necessary for growth and success = delusion

Kenneth Lerer: Don't be afraid to throw things out and start over

Mark Cuban: Don't double down when you're wrong
"Travis's biggest strength is that he will run through a wall to accomplish his goals. Travis's biggest weakness is that he will run through a wall to accomplish his goals."

Using Data to change the conversation about race in America

Equal Justice Initiative: Lynching in America: Confronting the Legacy of Racial Terror
Bryan Stevenson:
"We cannot truly move forward as a nation until we confront this dark chapter from our past." 
"I don't think we can create a generation of people in this country who are truly free, who are unburdened by this legacy and this history of racial terror, until we do the hard work of truth-telling."

"Together we share a commitment to creating a more inclusive society and leveraging data to fight inequalities."

One in every three black boys born in America today will be imprisoned.