📍 New York City


is a designer, artist


As Epoxy’s lead UI/UX designer, she undertook many aspects of the design process. From her first initiative of establishing style guides, Bonnie’s interest has always been to provide the most intuitive and seamless experiences for Epoxy’s users in order to push the product forward.

Never shying away from a challenge, she took on the design efforts of Epoxy's iOS and Android apps. Apps that currently rate 4.5 and 4 stars respectively. One user describes the app as being, "very simple to use and the linking of basic social media sites couldn’t be easier. Having a clean easy to understand format is what I love.”

As for web application design, her redesign initiatives have seen a 45.8% increase in feature usage. After a series of user research, paper prototyping and wireframing, Bonnie and the product + engineering team saw the number of shares jump from 5,388 to 7,859.

Prior to Epoxy, Bonnie was the designer of an edtech startup, Smartestk12, where she headed UI/UX + branding. With her design efforts, Smartestk12 graduated from UCLA’s accelerator program as the winner and recipient of startup UCLA’s venture capital fund in 2013.


Bonnie holds a bachelor of arts in Design Media Arts from UCLA. In her spare time she enjoys museums, illustrating, and scouring coffee shops around town.